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Torgoen Watches

Torgoen Swiss was founded by aviation enthusiasts with a mission to create a line of professional pilot watches. Torgoen’s commitment to the highest quality standards is uncompromised in every step of the manufacturing process , every pilot watch passes strict quality control procedures to ensure precision ,water resistance and endurance. Watches are tested under various extreme conditions including temperature variation, dust humidity, impact and vibration.

Real pilots need as much information as they can get to push themselves to the limit with safety in mind. Torgoen pilot watches provides vital data into their pilot watches while still emphasizing the time. From the complex and amazing Flight Computer series to the sterling silver Zulu Time line, Torgoen watches goes the extra mile for you to get you the information you need every second of the day. Torgoen offers you top of the line sport watches that will give you the precision and accuracy that you crave. The company's line of chronograph watches offer you the best in performance with outrageous style.

Torgoen Flight Computer Watches 

Torgoen uses an E6B Flight Computer based on the original design by the US army duringTorgoen Pilot watches World War II. The name was simply the Catalog part number of the device. It allows the pilot to easily solve problems of speed, distance and time. By knowing two of these variables, one can deduct the third with ease. This is based on a regular slide rule which was used by some of us that attended high school before the introduction of pocket calculators. It enables the user to perform any multiplication and division calculations. It is especially good while performing conversions of units and even exchange rate calculations. With the watch you can calculate any conversion of linear nature The watches come with a booklet in three languages with clear instructions of how to use the E6B and examples of how the E6B will help solve calculation problems.Currently Torgoen has 3 models with a flight computer:T1,T2,  T3 and T7.

Torgoen Zulu Time Watches

The world is divided into 24 time zones. For easy reference in communications, a letter of the alphabet has been assigned to each time zone (less the letter "e;I"e; and "e;O"e;). The "e;clock"e; at Greenwich, England is used as the standard clock for international reference of time in communications, military, maritime and other activities that cross time zones. The letter designation for this clock is Z, pronounced ZULU in the phonetic alphabet.

Zulu Time Watch Line has 2 distinct models. One uses a turning internal bezel to mark a different time zone (dual time) while the other uses an additional hand completing a full circle once every 24 hours that can also denote a different time zone including Zulu Time (i.e. GMT).  Torgoen Zulu Watches areT4,  T5 andT8.

Torgoen Zulu Time and E6B Combination WatchesTorgoen T7

aviation watch series has a Swiss Movement GMT type (additional time zone in 24 hour format, or ZULU time according to aviation radio lingo) and slide rule called flight computer or E6B.  With it you can easily solve time, speed and distance problems as well as conversions of units once you know the ratio. Currency conversions are especially easy to perform. You can also multiply or divide any two numbers (detailed instruction manual booklet in 4 languages with many examples is included).

T8 Triple Time Aviation Watch

This Torgoen T8 Zulu Time Watch has three separate time dials and three crowns that each operate independently. Each can be adjusted to a different time zone.  Quality All Swiss Quartz Triple Movement 3 totally independent timepieces in one watch! All clocks are adjustable to any timezone, independently Date Window Scratch Resistant mineral crysta

l, The watch has an internal turning bezel, Swiss Quartz chronograph movement and is water resistant to 330 feet. Each and every watch passes strict quality control procedures to ensure precision, water resistance and endurance. The watches are tested under various extreme conditions including temperature variation, dust, humidity,impact and vibration.

Torgoen T10 Pilot Watch

Built to the highest quality in Switzerland with standards uncompromised in every step of the manufacturing process. This watch has been designed for one thing and one thing only - instant time recognition, essential for pilots who need a large un-cluttered watch.  The T10 has a large face with easy to read numbers. 

Torgoen 16 Chronograph Watch

The Torgoen T16 Chronograph Aviator Watch series has quality Swiss movement. The T16 Chronograph Aviator Watch features cutout minute and hour hands to better see the chronograph. This watch has a black dial to increase the visibility of the markers and chronograph and has a high-grade stainless steel bracelet with solid links. It offers a Chronograph feature which is a 30-minute stopwatch with intermediate time, and times in increments of 1/10th of a second.  The Date Display feature shows the date at the “4 o'clock” position.Experience the confidence that comes with using a fine instrument – a TORGOEN aviation watch.

Torgoen Academy

As part of the contribution and commitment to the aviation industry, Torgoen sponsors the Torgoen Academy for flight safety. The academy’s curriculum delivers specialized flight training to both private and commercial pilots that will increase aviation safety by teaching aviators essential recovery and survival skills not normally offered in either primary or advanced flight training. The Torgoen Academy’s training makes pilots safer by teaching them to deal with departures from normal flight, upsets due to turbulence and mechanical failures.   
Following a structured syllabus, pilots develop the ability to keep a cool head while applying techniques learned in the school’s aerobatic training aircraft to resolve the situation at hand. "We literally turn pilot’s upside-down in real airplanes in order to give them the confidence to fix the problem without the panic."



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